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Welcome to the Second Grade Team Page


Katelyn Sanfilippo,  Kelly Laurila, Holly Martin

2nd Grade Schedule

​8:15-8:40​Morning Work and Morning Meeting
​10:15-10:45​Writing and Snack
​10:45-11:20​Math Block 1
​11:20-11:55​Recess & Lunch
​11:55-12:55​Math Block 2
​1:10-3:10​S Block (Specials and Social Studies)
​3:10-3:15​Pack up for Dismissal

Updated 4/1/19
Our Focus​
Wonders Unit 4:
  • Week 5 - What excites us about nature?
Wonders Unit 5:
  • Week 1 - What do good citizens do?
  • Week 2 - How do people get along?
  • Week 3 - What do heroes do?

Quarter 3: Persuasive - We will formulate specific reasons for our opinions in order to write persuasive essays

  • We will create persuasive writing pieces in which we introduce a topic, use facts and definitions to develop points, and provide a conclusion
  • We will organize ideas using Thinking Maps
  • We will apply grade-level spelling patterns & spell high-frequency words
  • We will correctly apply capitalization and punctuation
Eureka Math Module 6:
  • Lesson 1: Use manipulatives to create equal groups
  • Lessons 2-3: Use math drawings to represent equal groups, and relate to repeated addition
  • Lesson 4: Represent equal groups with tape diagrams, and relate to repeated addition
  • Lesson 5: Compose arrays from rows and columns, and count to find the total using objects
  • Lesson 6: Decompose arrays into rows and columns, and relate to repeated addition
  • Lesson 7: Represent arrays and distinguish rows and columns using math drawings
  • Lesson 8: Create arrays using square tiles with gaps
  • Lesson 9: Solve word problems involving addition of equal groups in rows and columns
  • Lesson 10-11: Use square tils to compose a rectangle, and relate to the array model
  • Lesson 12: Use math drawings to compose a rectangle with square tiles
  • Lesson 13: Use square tiles to decompose a rectangle
  • Lesson 14: Use scissors to partition a rectangle into same-size squares, and compose arrays with squares
Social Studies
Quarter 3: Economics

  • Understand how the scarcity of resources affects the choices of individuals and communities
  • Apply decision-making processes to financial decision making
  • Spelling is attached to homework each Monday. Tests will take place on Friday's.
  • Rereading
  • Reading with expression and accuracy
  • Comprehending what they are reading - Respond to Reading 
How I can support at home
  • ​Fluency homework: Read the passage with your student for 1 min each night.
  • Practice additon and subtraction facts within 20 (flash cards)
  • Read 20 minutes every night. Discuss character, setting, plot
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