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Updated as of February 10, 2019

Upcoming Dates
CMAS testing for ELA, Math and Social Studies coming in April
Quarter 2 Awards Assembly Cxl'd 2 times due to weather...stay tuned for more information
February 14, 2019 Health Jam & Valentine's Parties
February 15, 2019 No School Prof. Learning Day for Teachers
February 18, 2019 President's Day NO SCHOOL
February 20, 2019 Field Trip to Western Museum of Mining
February 21, 2019 Skate City Night
February 25, 2019 Angle Birds project due
We continue to use RACE and RIDS while reading from our Wonders Texts.  We are always including complex grade level texts from our Storyworks magazines.  We will be really concentrating on compare and contrast texts with a prompt and writing an essay answer making sure text evidence is included.  The skill of identifying author's reasons and evidence in text.  We are using a structure called Daily 5 and CAFE.  Remember when students are getting spelling lists, they will need to be able to use (and spell) their words within a meaningful sentence they compose.  Studying the words and practicing those sentences can happen in the classroom, however they will go home for additional practice, too.
Stamina is essential!  Reading a Good Fit book without stopping for 15 minutes at a time is our goal.  AR (Accelerated Reader) tests are encouraged and graphed.

Essential Question: How do traditions connect people?  (we'll be connecting social studies with our ELA/Reading time)

Vocabulary Concept:  using context, figurative language, science and math terms

Comprehension Skill & Strategy:    Compare and Contrast, summarize and sequence (reviewed), authors reasons and evidence in text

Spelling:  4th grade high frequency words & vocabulary

Our Caught'yas are still going on and practice as well as reinforce capitalization, handwriting, usage/grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  We also might refer to all of those things as C.H.U.P.S.  (Capitalization, Handwriting, Usage, Punctuation, Spelling)
We will be writing some poetry and some opinion pieces.  Again stamina within writing is stressed as well as the writing process in all piece of writing.
Using writing to analyze reading is being practiced, too.
While practicing writing, pay attention to spelling so that you are understood. 

See individual teacher for lists and skills.

Multiplication and Division unit test is in the past, however we are still reviewing it as well as completing word problems with RDW.  Some students really struggle with these concepts due to math facts. Please practice math facts whenever possible to help with fluency in all math units.  We started our Geometry unit and will be using a lot of our reading to understand as well as learning new vocabulary to go along with geometry.  RDW (Read Draw and Write) is practiced while solving word/story problems.
Students will have daily fluency practice with their MFFF (Math Fact Fluency Folder) going home Monday through Thursday.   
Look at green sheets called Exit Tickets to see how your student is progressing, as well as Module assessments.
We are covering the geography of Colorado and the push and pull factors that drew the first Coloradoans.  There are the main regions going across the state and then the regions going up in altitude.  Realizing what lives/survives in these regions and some of the impact of the flora/fauna and wild life of the regions will be examined.  We are always asking what are the push and pull factors that brought people to Colorado and different parts of Colorado.  We started to explore the early Coloradoans/prehistoric Colorado.  Culture will be our focus:  beliefs, shelter, clothing, food, and daily life.  The Colorado history trunks that we borrow are wonderful compliments to our daily studies.

 How can I support at home?​

 Please sign the planner and pay attention to the binder that comes home every night.  There is a Setting Up My Binder page included in the binder that helps students stay prepared and organized.  Please reinforce this at home.


 Daily Schedule

​Fourth Grade Daily Schedule
​8:10​1st bell
​8:15​Attendance & Warm Ups
​Morning Meeting
​ELA Reading and Writing
​Healthy snack break keep working!**
​Specials *
​Science or Social Studies*
​ELA Reading and Writing cont'd
​Literacy Learning Zone
​Math cont'd
​Planner, Pack and Stack

 *see individual teacher's specials schedules
**Check with your teacher about possible allergies with your snacks.  Please be mindful of snacks/food that are brought to school.