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Welcome to Spanish class!



             Hola and Bienvenidos al invierno

  I love how PRIDE lends itselfs so easily to the World Language classroom. Problem solving by asking for help, Respect by learning about cultural differences. Imaging your best self, letting your self out of your comfort zone and speaking or singing in class.  Determination, having that self talk that you can learn a language and will try!  Laslty showing empathy or kindness in Spanish class is crucial.  We will make mistakes and sometimes say words wrong.  Be kind to each other, help each other to show PRIDE.  

We are currently tlking about tradiciones, traditions, and how each of ours re similiear or different to the Spanish Speaking World. We are singing a song Mi burrito sabanero in the lower grades and acting out the chorus part.  We are reading a variety of books, The legend of the Pointsietta and las Posadas.  In second grade, we are reading a Pinata in a Pine Tree

 This is a resource we will use in class and students have free acess at home.

There are videos,songs with lyrics, color sheets, dictionaries and games! To access go to:

user name: frontier
password:  spanish

                     Arlene Seavers-Reed

                     Frontier Spanish Teacher





I encourage all students and parents to check out
(under links )!
It's an engaging and useful tool to practice Spanish vocabulary and small phrases throughout the summer. Just create a free account (and keep your credentials handy) and log in!
Students can choose among the various topics and practice their typing skills along with the Spanish language. I included a student handout that will give more directions on how to work with the website under "classroom documents" on the left.
Also, the Spanishplayground (under links) offers games and pasatiempos for all ages and levels.
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pumkin tamales 
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for our 1-3 grade Estrellita
parents please review first to cancel out advertisements. Better would be to save in savefrom.net and then open
pinata cookies for el cinco de mayo
a parody of despacito
mundo guyi
appropriate dance moves to calm or energize oneself
try a video or visit grade for link
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