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Welcome to Frontier's ESL Program!

Activites to do while School is closed


Every ELL student has an i-Ready account. It is a wonderful resource for both reading and math. Please see below how to access i-Ready online.  There is also an app for iPad available.

Step 1: go to www.i-Ready.com

Step 2: When you the home page, click "login", then use the login information listed below:

(most students know their login info – it is what they use to login into the computer at school, if they don't remember it please contact me)

Username: _______________________

Password:  _______________________

Choose "Colorado" from the drop-down menu.

Click "Go"

Step 3: Your child can choose Reading or Math and the system will provide your child with hours of learning fun.

Your child will be able to earn credits to play games between lessons. There are new math games that your child can play as well. You will be able to see their progress on the site as well. I will be monitoring the program regularly to see how students are progressing.

Journal Writing

I would also highly encourage each student to keep a daily journal. Please have your child write at least 5 sentences to tell about what they did that day and then read it out loud to you, a sibling, a pet, or even a stuffed animal.  

Frontier ESL Program Overview
ELL students at Frontier are provided services based upon their language needs beginning students receive more intensive pull out services while intermediate and advanced students receive support as needed both as pull out and within their classrooms. Kindergarten students recieve a minimum of 60 minutes of support a day and additional support in their classroom provided by a paraprofessional. All students receive services to increase their language skills to ensure that they find success in their academic careers.


Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Please feel free to use the email link to contact me.
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