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Hello Frontier Families,


Program Overview:

At Frontier, our young scientists are taught by two dedicated science specialists, Mrs. Wynn and myself.  We see students at least twice a week depending on the letter day rotation.  Kindergarten students come to my class for 30 minutes each visit and students in third, fourth and fifth grade come to Science for 60 minutes.  

I am so excited to have more time with our scientists this year for extend our learning of Science curriculum, experiments and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities.  Our curriculum is theme based with an emphasis on hands-on, inquiry based and project-based learning.   I also integrate enviromental education into our lessons to help students staff connected to the natural world around them.

March In the Science Trailer:

Welcome back from Spring Break.  I am so excited to see our amazing students for our 4th quarter of school 

 During our final quarter my scientists will be working through the following units:

Kindergarten - Sunshine and Shadows and Sun's Effects on People and Plants 

     This unit really focuses on how the Sun is important to all living things on our planet.  Students investigate our Solar System and spotlight the Sun and all its characteristics that help us throughout the year.  We also do introductory investigations on how the sun helps plants grow.

Third Grade - Plant Growth

     This unit introduces students to the botanical world of plants.  My Botanists investigate from seed to bloom a variety of plants and the conditions needed to successfully nurture their own seeds into healthy plants that provide food for them.  We also look into environmental factors that can help or harm their plants as it grows.


Fourth Grade - Variables 1 and Buoyancy

     This unit introduces students to the concept of Variables.  Students learn that everything around them has an effect on us as well as we have an effect on things.  Whether they be positive or negative, variables cause change.  We then use those lessons to play a game of Battleship.  Students have to create a set of tin foil battleships to battle Ms. Adamcyk's Armada by using different variables to make their battleship survive a series of combat challenges.  May best tin boat win... or will it be a case of "You sunk my battleship!"


Fifth Grade -  Variables 2 , 3 Laws of Motion and Flight

     This unit allows students to investigate further into the world of Variables.  We use those concepts and add Sir Isaac Newton's 3 Laws of Motion to build and test a series of paper airplanes to see if they can build an aircraft that can push the boundaries of distance and aerobatic flight. 


As I stated above, I am very excited to be working with our amazing students everyday.  If you have any questions, please fill free to email me at sherry.adamcyk@asd20.org or 719-234-4600.


Ms. Sherry Adamcyk

Frontier Elementary Science


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