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 My name is Katelyn Herrin and this is my 8th year teaching at Frontier Elementary School! I was born in Los Gatos, California and moved to Colorado Springs in 1998. I am a District 20 graduate (Air Academy High School) - Go Kadets! I attended the University of Northern Colorado, graduated with my teaching license in 2011, and graduated in 2015 with​ my Masters Degree from Concordia University. I studied Curriculum  & Instruction with an emphasis in Reading. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.


Please check back often for updates regarding your child's learning experiences in 2nd grade!


~Mrs. Herrin


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​​​​What We Are Learning:

​​​Subject Standards
Wonders Unit 1:
Essential Questions:

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:


Vocabulary: (Week 2)-

Vocabulary: (Week 3)- 

Vocabulary: (Week 4)-

Vocabulary: (Week 5)-

​​RL.2.3-Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges
RL.2.5-Describe the overall structure of a story, including describing how the beginning introduces the story and the ending concludes the action
SL.2.1-Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about 2nd grade topics and texts in small and large groups

Topic A: Sims and Differences within 100

Topic B: Strategies for Compsing a Ten

Topic C: Strategies for Decomposing a Ten

Topic D: Strategies for Composing Tens and Hundreds

Topic E: Strategies for Decomposing Tens and Hundreds

Topic F: Student Explanations of Written Models


sum ,difference, place value, equation


​​​​2.OA.1-Use addition and subtraction within 1,000 to solve one- and two-step word problems 

2.0A.2- Fluently add and subtract within 200 using mental strategies




*Research and Reasoning

*Using the TIDE graphic organizer to organize writing

*Using text evidence to support answers

​​W.2.2- a.    Write a narative story which includes temporal words; first, then, next, last
-provide a concluding statement or section
-Organize ideas using pictures, graphic organizers, or story maps​

​​Social Studies-


Students are working on their biographies

  1. Analyze and practice rights, roles, and responsibilities of citizens

  • List ways that people express their ideas respectfully (DOK 1)
  • Identify how people monitor and influence decisions in their community (DOK 1-3)
  • Describe ways in which you can take an active part in improving your school or community (DOK 1-2)
  • Identify and give examples of civic responsibilities that are important to individuals, families, and communities (DOK 1-2)
  •  Describe important characteristics of a responsible community member (DOK 1-2)

2. Analyze orgins, structure, and functions, of governments and their impacts on societies and citizens

  • Give examples of ways that individuals, groups, and communities manage conflict and promote equality, justice, and responsibility (DOK 1-2)
  • Identify examples of power and authority and strategies that could be used to address an imbalance, including bullying as power without authority (DOK 1-3)
  • Identify and give examples of appropriate and inappropriate uses of power and the consequences (DOK 1-3)
  • Demonstrate skills to resolve conflicts or differences (DOK 1-3)

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​​​​8:10-8:15​First Bell & Second Bell Ri​ngs
​8:15-8:30​DLI/ Early Bird Morning Work
​8:30-8:45​Morning Meeting
​8:45-10:05Whole Group Reading
​10:05-10:15​Snack Time
​11:20-11:55​Recess/ Lunch
​1:25-2:15Social Studies/ Science​
​2:40-3:10Lit Learning ​
Pack Up & Dismissal ​


​A Day:

Art- 12:30-1:20

Social Studies- 1:25-2:15

B Day:

Science- 12:30-1:20

Music- 1:25-2:15

C Day:

P.E. 12:30-1:20

Social Studies- 1:25-2:15

D Day:

Spanish 12:30-1:20

Science- 1:25-2:15

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